QuitWorks: a solution for providers to help patients quit smoking.
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Refer Patients

The heart of the QuitWorks program is a flexible referral process that can be used by any provider practicing in any health care setting.  Any patient, regardless of health insurance status, can be referred. Child and family practitioners may also refer a child's parent or guardian if the parent or guardian uses tobacco.  Health care providers who practice in community settings are also encouraged to use QuitWorks.

Practitioners can choose from a variety of options with which to refer their patients:

Fax a paper referral form
Use Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to fax a referral
Use secure e-mail to send a referral
Electronic data transfer

  • Fax a paper referral form
  • Use Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to fax a referral
    • If the EMR has a referral module – it can electronically complete some or all of the referral form elements.  Once the referral information is completed, the provider can either print and fax the form to QuitWorks, or refer directly through the EMR’s fax module program. These options are based on each EMR system’s available functionality.
  • Use secure e-mail to make a referral
    • If an organization uses a secure email server to transmit patient referrals, QuitWorks can interface with these systems for referral processing.  A short conversation is necessary to set-up the connections between the QW system and the organization.  Providers/institutions can discuss using this this service by contacting QuitWorks.
  • Electronic data transfer

    • Some institutions/large practices that regularly use QuitWorks or that want to increase their QuitWorks referrals may opt to send referrals electronically through our data exchange network.  Contact QuitWorks if you are interested in exploring this option.

  • Patient Consent

    Generally, the patient’s signature is required on all faxed referral forms.  However, QuitWorks offers a verbal consent option.  This feature primarily supports the electronic referrals made via EMR systems.  Once the patient has been reached by the QuitWorks staff, consent to receive services and to give feedback reports to the referring provider is requested and documented.


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