QuitWorks: a solution for providers to help patients quit smoking.
Massachusetts Department of Public Health

QuitWorks as Part of a System of Care

In 2004, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health started working intensively with facilities, such as hospitals, health centers and large practices, to integrate QuitWorks into outpatient and inpatient services.

QuitWorks can help health care facilities improve their tobacco cessation services and meet smoking cessation performance standards, such as the Joint Commission core measures, internal performance improvement measures and to prepare for electronic medical record meaningful use requirements .

To get started with QuitWorks:

Review the 3 easy steps to getting started
Gather the key players
Determine how and when to introduce QuitWorks
Consider how QuitWorks will fit into your existing systems
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Review the 3 easy steps to getting started

  1. Identify smokers. Set up a system to identify tobacco users. Ask about tobacco use upon admission, at intake, during the hospital stay, or before discharge.
  2. Talk with patients about tobacco use during a hospital stay or patient visit. Learn how to motivate smokers to make a quit attempt.

    • Prescribe pharmacotherapy, if appropriate, to relieve withdrawal symptoms and aid with stopping smoking. Use the Pharmacotherapy Guide to help you decide which medications are appropriate for your patients.
  3. Complete the referral process and send it to QuitWorks.

Gather the key players

Bring together a core group of staff, including natural "champions" from among executive and medical staff, quality assurance specialists, nurse administrators, specialists, and unit directors.

Determine how and when to introduce QuitWorks

Is it best to launch QuitWorks in pilot units, and, if so, which units? Which units see the most smokers? Or will QuitWorks be rolled out institution-wide? 

Consider how QuitWorks will fit into your existing system

Think about your medical record system admission and discharge processes, pharmacy formularies and standing orders that can help to facilitate tobacco use interventions.  Use the QuitWorks Implementation Guide to answer key questions such as:

  • How will smokers be identified and smoking status documented?
  • Who will provide advice to quit and recommend pharmacotherapy?
  • Who will complete the QuitWorks referral form and obtain patient consent?
  • What referral and report options are preferred?

Get Help

Learn how you can get help from the QuitWorks team.


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