QuitWorks: a solution for providers to help patients quit smoking.
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QuitWorks Patient Statistics

Thousand of patients use QuitWorks
Patient reactions to QuitWorks

Thousands of patients use QuitWorks
Nearly 22,000 patients have been referred to the QuitWorks program since its launch in April 2002.  Who are these QuitWorks participants?

  • 55% are women
  • 60% report smoking within 15 minutes of waking (a sign of high addiction level)
  • 57% indicate that they are ready to quit smoking in 30 days
  • 57% have a high school education or less
  • 54% are 45 to 64 years old
  • 32% are 25 to 44 years old
  • 29% are not interested in quitting or making a plan to quit within 30 days
  • 15% are ethnic minorities

Patient reactions to QuitWorks
All patients who complete an intake with a QuitWorks counselor receive a 6-month follow-up evaluation call.  The call is used to find out about patients’ quit status and determine what they thought about QuitWorks services.

Here’s what QuitWorks learned from these calls:

Patients like QuitWorks

  • 90% were satisfied with the services and assistance received both from the Helpline and from the health care provider who referred them in the program
  • 86% said their health care provider increased their level of motivation to quit, thus reinforcing the significance of the provider-patient relationship in the successful quit smoking process


QuitWorks gets results

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