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Make Smoking History Award

Each year, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and Massachusetts Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Program present its Make Smoking History Award to an organization that has made a profound, positive impact on the smoking status of Massachusetts residents.   Recipients have demonstrated outstanding leadership and a commitment to tobacco cessation counseling and their use of the QuitWorks program. 

The following are past recipients of the Make Smoking History Award:

Dr. Blake Cady - 2012
Massachusetts Hospital Association - 2011
UMass Memorial Health Care - 2010
Southcoast Hospitals Group - 2009

Dr. Blake Cady - 2012 Make Smoking History Award Recipient

In 1990 Dr. Blake Cady, was Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School and was the newly-elected President of the Massachusetts Division of the American Cancer Society.  He made the bold move of proposing a tax initiative to jumpstart statewide tobacco control efforts. To make this a reality, Dr. Cady convened a steering committee that included the American Cancer Society, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Medical Society.  The Massachusetts Association of HMO’s later joined this group and together these organizations became the Massachusetts Coalition for a Healthy Future.  For two years, under the leadership of Dr. Blake Cady, they rallied countless volunteers and worked tirelessly to make sure that the public knew how important it was to vote YES.

Massachusetts Hospital Association - 2011 Make Smoking History Award Recipient

Through its Healing Inside and Out Massachusetts Tobacco Free Hospitals initiative, the Massachusetts Hospital Association and its president, Lynn Nicholas, have provided strong leadership to help Massachusetts’ hospitals go tobacco-free.  This includes the total prohibition of all tobacco use on hospital campuses.  This effort goes a long way to improve the health of patients, visitors and hospital staffs.  But MHA has done more than create this initiative.  They have put into place a comprehensive program that not only guides Massachusetts’ hospitals with a step by step plan, but also outlines ways that their members can support employees who are trying to quit.

UMass Memorial Health Care
- 2010 Make Smoking History Award Recipient

UMass Memorial Health Care was recognized for continually being one of the highest annual referrers to the QuitWorks program, with 782 referrals in 2010 alone. UMass Memorial was also recognized for their commitment to creating an atmosphere that promotes quitting through their smoke-free campus initiative across all UMass Memorial locations and partnering with MTCP to offer a Distance Counseling pilot program for outpatients.

Southcoast Hospital Group
-  2009 Make Smoking History Award Recipient

Southcoast Hospitals Group was recognized for being the highest referrer to QuitWorks of any health system in the Commonwealth, referring 2,600 patients in just five years. Southcoast was also commended for their commitment to helping people quit for taking its three hospital campuses smoke-free in 2008 and building internal systems to increase routine and systematic identification of tobacco users.

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