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Get Reports about Patient Progress

A variety of report options are available for provider practices and institutions to help track patient referrals and outcomes.  Standard reports are currently sent via paper fax. For larger practices and institutions reports may be sent electronically.  Contact QuitWorks if you are interested in exploring electronic options.

Patient contact report
Patient outcomes report
Aggregate reports
Electronic reports
No reports

Patient contact report

  • Within about 3 weeks after a referral is made, a Patient Contact Report is faxed back to the referring provider which includes information on the outcome of QuitWorks’ attempts to reach the referred patient, and if the patient is reached, the services selected.*
  • Reports can be sent back to a centralized location at a health care practice or institution or sent to an individual provider.
  • If the feedback report section is left blank, the report will automatically be faxed back to the referring provider.
  • If reports back to the referring provider are not desired, simply write “Do Not Send Report” in the feedback reports section.
See sample Patient Contact Reports.

Patient outcomes report

  • Six months after patients have completed an intake assessment, a separate evaluation team at the Smokers’ Helpline attempts to reach them to determine:
    • Whether or not they quit smoking;
    • The number and duration of quit attempts made;
    • QuitWorks or other tobacco cessation services used; and
    • Level of satisfaction with services delivered by the Smokers’ Helpline
  • By the 7th -8th month, an outcome report is faxed to the provider indicating whether or not the follow-up call was completed and, if so, the patient’s quit status.
  • The report includes whether or not the patient was still smoking at the time of the call, the number of quit attempts achieved since the intake call and the duration of the longest quit attempt.
  • If the patient is still smoking, the provider is reminded to re-refer the patient to QuitWorks for additional support.

See a sample Patient Outcomes Report.

Aggregate reports

  • Reports include number of referrals, contact rate with patients referred, services offered and accepted, basic patient demographic information, and number of referrals by provider name.
  • An annual quit status outcome report can be provided by request, when possible.

See a sample Aggregate Report.

Electronic Reports

For large volume practices or institutions with Electronic Medical Records (EMR’s), QuitWorks can send periodic patient contact and outcomes reports through our secure health information exchange network. The process complies with all mandated requirements and emerging standards associated with health information exchange, such as HL7 messaging and HIPAA privacy and security compliance.

Aggregate reports without individual client-level data can also be transmitted securely via email. Alternatively, a protected data disk can be sent through US mail if preferred.

No Reports

QuitWorks can suppress all reporting for institutions that do not want an automatic report faxed back on patient contact or outcome.

Go to QuitWorks in a System for more information about how we can help you decide which option is best for your institution or practice.

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