QuitWorks: a solution for providers to help patients quit smoking.
Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Child and Family Practitioners

QuitWorks has been adapted for pediatric practices, with a focus on preventing child exposure to secondhand smoke from parents or guardians who use tobacco. This adaptation was developed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health in collaboration with the American Academy of Pediatrics (Massachusetts Chapter), the Massachusetts Medical Society, and the Clinical Effort Against Secondhand Smoke Exposure (CEASE) program at MassGeneral Hospital for Children (MGHfC).

QuitWorks provides tools to prompt staff to ask every patient about tobacco use. All tools are for use by any provider in any clinical setting. If you want to order QuitWorks materials, click here.

Patient Referral Forms
Introductory and Education videos
Implementation Guide
Pharmacotherapy Quick Guide
Surgeon General’s Letter
Clinical Effort Against Secondhand Smoke Exposure
Information about Secondhand Smoke Exposure

Patient Referral Forms
QuitWorks provides customized referral forms to hospitals and health centers free of charge.

Implementation Guide
The QuitWorks Implementation Guide walks you through the easy steps to identify smokers in your practice and refer them in QuitWorks services.

Pharmacotherapy Quick Guide
This is a quick guide to pharmacotherapy in tobacco treatment. It also lists the 5As to tobacco intervention.

Surgeon General's Letter
The U.S. Surgeon General, along with the President of the American Academy of Pediatrics write about the dangers of children's exposure to secondhand smoke.

Clinical Efforts Against Secondhand smoke Exposure
Read about the background research the went into the adaptation of QuitWorks for Child and Family Health Practitioners at www.CEASEtobacco.org

Information about Secondhand Smoke Exposure
Secondhand smoke can make children and adults sick. It can trigger asthma attacks and cause ear infections.  Children who breathe secondhand smoke get coughs, bronchitis, and pneumonia more often than children who are not exposed to tobacco smoke.

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